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People participating in projects or working on collective goals find themselves looking for a place to get connected online. Sowebuild allows you to get acces to your community to add value during your project or process. Give users a voice, increase engagement, improve service and view insights. With better communication and information sharing you can inspire each other on the go. Be nice, listen and create together!


who is building?

We thrive by our projects. Real people that use Sowebuild enable us to create the best tools for cocreation.

Heijmans / Hartje Leusden

  • category architecture & housing

Real estate development where inhabitants are invited to be involved in the process of cocreation and placemaking. Heijmans strives to facilitate inhabitants with custom made options and community initiatives.

Dr. Ludidi / MoserGym

  • category sports & wellness

Dr. Ludidi inspires his sports community with online communication where all members of the gym are asked to participate in an ongoing learning process for health in movement. 

Flex! / Den Eng Veen

  • category architecture & housing

Flex! provides custom-made houses where inhabitants have a wide range of options scaled to their needs and accustomed to their situation and wishes. A personal approach during the process is key.


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Online Project Management

empower people, achieve goals

People love getting to know each other. To get to know their future colleagues, neighbours, sports members or any kind of new relationships. Projects are about trust and finding common goals. They require a scheduled agenda and perfect overview about who has to do what at any moment. Find your friends and inspire each other on the go.


Cross Media Hub

engagement through social channels

Social media have powerful capabilities, but information tends to get evaporated in the world wide news. Sowebuild connects all of your social channels in one place. Get an overview on what's happening in your community, based on hashtags, usernames and through smart api's.


Your own branding

personalized identity

Your project is all about > your < community. Customize your environment by uploading your own logo, choose theme colors, background images and assign different accounts for your different type of users.

I really feel that we are creating this together.

— Maria Pigmans, Heijmans NV

Finally I can reach out real-time to my sports community.

— Samefko Ludidi, MoserGym

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