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Why communities?

Communities: a lot of people are talking about their value. But why? Let us explain.

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The Buildr platform

Let your community thrive with our technology to reach it’s full potential.


Community consulting

Building a sustainable community is not easy, we'll be glad to help you out.

Our Android/iOS app

A white label app for seamless communication between your community members



Sowebuild is currently used in a variety of cases, ranging from residential development and property management, to fitness communities and collaboration teams.

Sounds broad? We think so too. That is because Sowebuild’s core design principle is to provide a simple, accessible and fluid framework for your community to engage with. Find out more:

We are currenly looking for partners in AI, IoT and Smart Building solutions for collaboration, feel free to get in touch with us.

Latest Project: Pharos


Pharos is a healthy work community in the area of Schiphol. Sowebuild is proud to be partner and member of the Pharos Team. ‘Healthy’ is a quintessential component and integrated in every way possible: together we transform this marvellous office tower to one of the most healthy places to work in Europe.