Communities are everywhere around us. For daily activities, meeting friends and starting projects. Common goals and shared locations bind communities together. Use those shared goals and locations to form communities that go beyond expectations.

It all starts with people: let them feel at home, connect, share ownership and create an identity for their project and place. When members are aligned it is incredible how effective and self-sustaining communities will become.



What's in it for me?

A community driven approach means actively involving groups of customers with your product or service. Managing processes and collaboration becomes easier because managers know what's going on and can quickly adapt to customer needs. Sending information becomes absorbing information. Create a qualitative customer feedback loop to keep the information coming!



Social cohesion

Companies often find it difficult to build relationships with customers. Communities are perfect for this because everyone shares a goal. This creates a bond and because community members can also give their opinions and feedback they feel more and more involved. Community members can also connect with each other to create new projects to improve areas you might have never thought of.

Collective Knowledge

Communities offer you the chance to share knowledge in order to reach and go beyond your goals. Use your community to gain access to the areas of expertise and experience of its members. Improve the quality and efficiency of your project by getting input from members who know what they’re talking about or out of the box ideas from members who approach a task in a new way.


Continuous process

Communities offer a lot of information, why would you start a customer survey when you can just ask them? Let your community generate subjects and input for questions, make sure you are always in the loop so you know what is really on their minds and increase focus to create better products and services.