Provide a service that empowers people to influence their community environment and work together on creating inspiring places to live and work


  • Increase the perceived value of your real estate properties by creating and maintaining sustainable, healthy and social environments for people

  • Increase turnover by adding an online service to tenants

  • Combine all your services at one online platform

  • Decrease scattered messaging by streamlining communication

  • People who feel connected to a place will rent longer

  • Avoid making unnecessary investments by understanding real needs

  • Lower acquisition costs by receiving referrals from happy tenants

  • Decrease mutation because tenants rent longer in a sustainable environment with higher social cohesion


  • An improved appreciation of service will lead to increase in rent and service payments

  • Lower member mutation by creating a higher social cohesion of your community

  • Receive analysis on the needs, behaviour and use of your community and use data to make data-driven investment decisions