Add value for your tenants by making them part of a learning and connecting environment. Form relationships and make them a part of your project by involving them in the community. Let them contribute to your goal of giving them the best experience and service.



One of the biggest benefits of multi tenant office management is the potential to connect people and companies. People can rent a space next to each other not being aware of how they can help each other. Take the next step, together with us, to make it easier for you tenants to find each other so meaningful connections can be made.



Be aware of what’s going on, recognize issues before they become problems and stay in touch with your tenants. Increase your service by keeping tenants up to date, stay transparent and increase involvement by building relationships.



Let people collaborate in an open manner, make sure that experts can find the projects they can help with and share experiences from similar projects or collaborations. Help your tenants grow, together.


Community example: Plan-B
Plan-B is a multi tenant building for the creative industry in Eindhoven. Using the Sowebuild platform they focus on forming a community to involve and engage their tenants. They involve their tentants in their entire process, from construction to service, to make sure they deliver what is needed and wanted. 

Tenants feel more involved and in touch with their surroundings, not just the building but also the other tenants. Tenants help eachother with projects and supply services to eachother. This means they don't just rent an office but actually gain business through the Plan-B community.

A place where entrepreneurs communicate. So if they need something they search inside before looking outside.
— Anne Veenstra, Community manger Plan-B about buildr