Community driven smart services for a sharing economy will connect people both off- and online



Improve your service by learning what your customers are really after so you can help them get it. Identify and use the opportunities your community generates to optimize your service and product. Involve your customers and share your activities so they know what is going on.



Enable people to communicate more efficiently and effectively with other members. Facilitate a platform where people help each other. Information about each other's interests or ambitions is enough to allow meeting or initiative to develop.



Let people share their vision so you can always keep improving. Gain qualitative insights through direct communication and quantitative through platform data. Test new ideas before implementing and make sure you invest in actual needs of residents.

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Community example: TBV Wonen

EANTE coaches residents of NOM houses to use their new home efficiently while maintaining living comfort. NOM is an abbreviation for houses that use very little energy or even no energy at all after subtracting the energy that they generate. Buildr is used to ensure high levels of service and communication with residents.