Make future residents feel at home before they move into their new houses by involving them in the construction process. Improve the process and result by working together with your community.



Improve your service by learning what your customers are really after so you can help them get it. Identify and use the opportunities your community generates to optimize your service and product. Involve your customers and share your activities so they know what is going on.



Let people share their vision and process so you can better help them achieve their goal. Communicate more efficiently and effectively to increase results. Increase your result by making sure you give customers what they, not what you think they want.



Document requests and process in order to get learnings so you can always keep improving. Gain qualitative insights through direct communication and quantitative through platform data. Test new ideas and make sure you can keep your customers satisfied.


Community example: Hartje Leusden
Hartje Leusden is a real estate development project where inhabitants are invited to be involved in the process of cocreation and placemaking. Heijmans strives to facilitate inhabitants with custom made options and community initiatives.

The developer builds relationships with the inhabitants and gets direct input on the project and process. Inhabitants can attribute to the project and the place they will be living. They share ideas and get to know eachother.

I really feel we are creating this together
— Bram Boterman, Heijmans Vastgoed N.V.