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your community engine

Projects, buildings and places are asking for more services than ever before, with increasing complexity in direct and group messaging between people. Sowebuild brings communication to one centralised platform, for community management, team collaboration and smart building services.
Start building together, today!


a community platform for managing:


Houston.. We have an app. Welcome to Buildr. Now available for iOS / Android.


who is building?

Sowebuild is currently used in a variety of cases, ranging from residential development and property management, to fitness communities and collaboration teams. Sounds broad? We think so too! That is because Sowebuild’s core design principle is to provide a simple, accessible and fluid content framework for you to engage your community with.  And psst... There is more!

Heijmans / Hartje Leusden

  • Real estate development

Real estate development where inhabitants are invited to be involved in the process of cocreation and placemaking. Heijmans strives to facilitate inhabitants with custom made options and community initiatives.

Dr. Ludidi / MoserGym

  • Team collaboration

Dr. Ludidi inspires his sports community with online communication where all members of the gym are asked to participate in an ongoing learning process for health in movement. 

C'Magne / C-Mill

  • Property management

'At C-Mill we don't talk about tenants but about residents'. Hospitality as a service is key to facilitate a space for all members. Sowebuild is currently building a full service online community for the 'Millers'.


Always Connected

Reaching your audience is important for a shorter time to market and seamless customer experience.

Sowebuild gives you the tools to get and stay in touch with your audience, anytime, anywhere.


Digital community

activate people, achieve goals

People love getting to know each other. To get to know their future colleagues, neighbours, sports members or any kind of new relationships. Projects are about trust and finding common goals. They require a scheduled agenda and perfect overview about who has to do what at any moment. Find your friends and inspire each other on the go.


Channel overview

engagement through various media

Social media have powerful capabilities, but information tends to get evaporated in the world wide news. Sowebuild brings all your project specific channels in one place. Get an overview on what's happening in your community, based on hashtags, usernames and through smart api's.


Your personal branding

create identity that fits your community

Your project is all about authenticity. Customize your environment by uploading your own logo, choose theme colors, background images and assign different accounts for your different type of users.

I really feel that we are creating this together.
— Bram Boterman, Heijmans Vastgoed B.V.