Sander Willems

#cofounder / revenue
Background: Real estate & finance

“I want to challenge people to help create a place that fits them.”

His background in real estate finance has given him insight and experience with how the market works and how to help those projects succeed.


Khaya Ludidi

#cofounder / technology
Background: Business & Economics, Software

“I want to contribute to the way people communicate and work together.”

A broad knowledge in programming languages enables him to build almost anything our customers dream about. A history as data analyst has given him the analytical mindset to deconstruct processes into platform features.

foto rick schols.JPG

Rick Schols

#cofounder / design and disrupt
Background: Architecture Design

“I want to design technology that brings people together in a constructive way.”

His background in architecture helps him with designing and visualizing new ideas and features. His personal skills make him shine when in contact with customers and communities.


Christiaan den Hartog

#marketing & data
Background: Marketing & Data

"I want to bring people together and help them go beyond their expectations"

As a marketeer he's always looking for the best ways to reach and interact with customers and communities. A data driven mindset makes him want to validate those insights through numbers.